Climbing Mount Everest

Photo by howling red on Unsplash
  • How do you climb Mount Everest? The old adage, “One step at a time”, is the only way.
  • The steps are not just the physical steps:

       Dream/Set Goals, Plan, Execute

  • Dream/Goals
    • Do really want to do this?
    • Passion to achieve?
  • Plan
    • Research how past climbers have succeeded
    • Identify the threats
    • Plan the expedition
    • Develop strategy – timing of trip, training, food, supplies, acclimation/altitude training
    • Use Sherpas – experts – anyone who wouldn’t use Sherpas would be considered someone with a Deathwish


  • Execute the plan
  • In Business, the same principles apply, but many people don’t use them
  • “I know my business better than anyone else and can do it better than anyone else” – why limit yourself to just your expertise?
  • Find your Sherpas to guide you through the perils of business in areas where you are not an expert

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