“Dave listened to our needs and established simple processes to provide us with real-time production information and retention statistics on our contingent workforce.”

George, HR Director Michael Kors

“Dave is very proactive and helped me understand the new landscape and requirements to get a PPP loan, helped me calculate everything and is always right…”

Team C

“He stayed in touch with me regarding the methods chosen and was always available for consultation. Very grateful for his help.”

Veronica T

“Dave is great to work with! Very experienced, knowledgable, and insightful.”

Per A.

“I’m so grateful to Dave for all his knowledge..”

Dave S

“Sat down with Dave and within an hour he had an understanding of my business and the challenges we have and he was able to recommend some great strategies to help the business run smoother and more efficiently.”

Lesley S

“Dave was an incredible resource for me to focus my company, set benchmarks and goals, and to align myself in the proper direction.”

Scott G